Tissue Viability Awareness

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About the Course

Skin integrity and tissue viability are key to good general wellbeing. A pressure ulcer develops when an area of skin is placed under pressure and blood flow is reduced for a period of time. This can occur quickly; care staff must act proactively to prevent issues from occurring. Simple really, as long as they know-how. This course will explore what factors increase the risk of pressure ulcer development. It will challenge learner’s current knowledge and build upon it ensuring they are confident to recognise the first indicators of an issue but also how to care for and support tissue damage. This course is a must-have for all care staff who work with individuals who are at higher risk of skin or tissue vulnerabilities and issues.

Course Content

  1. The Skin – Function and Structure
  2. What is Tissue Viability
  3. Pressure Ulcers
  4. Risk Areas for Pressure Ulcer
  5. Pressure Ulcer Grading
  6. What causes Pressure Ulcer
  7. Signs of a Pressure Ulcer
  8. Pressure Ulcer Complications
  9. Tissue Viability Assessment Tools
  10. Pressure Ulcer Prevention
  11. Care Professionals involved with Pressure Ulcers
  12. Treatment and Care.

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