Stroke Awareness

25% of strokes happen in people
under the age of 65

About the Course

Training with Hart’s Stroke Awareness course explores the different types of stroke and how to recognise the signs of stoke and a review of the FAST test. This course will look at stroke prevention and methods of lowering stroke risk as well as the medication and treatments available and how effective they might be. There is a large emphasis on supporting the individual in this training specifically - how to support the individual around communication, eating and drinking. As well as exploring the psychological impacts having a stroke may have on an individual.

Course Content

  1. What is a stroke
  2. Identify different types of stroke
  3. How to recognise signs and symptoms of a stoke
  4. FAST test and emergency treatment of a stroke
  5. Stroke Medication/Treatments
  6. Stroke Prevention
  7. Supporting the individual, including:
  8. Supporting communication
  9. Support with eating and drinking
  10. Psychological impact of a stoke

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