Moving & Handling of People

30.7 million working days lost due to
work related illness and workplace injury

Moving and Handling of People

About the Course

This moving and handling course can be bespoke to your needs, ranging from a full day course or the 2 day Welsh Passport. Training with Hart’s moving and handling course is versatile and up-to-date and can be tailored to you.

This course has both theory and practical elements of moving and handling of people, it is interactive to ensure staff are competent and feel confident in the best practice of moving and handling people; staff must be able to work correctly and safely to ensure compliance and safety in the care home.

After this course staff will feel better equipped and knowledgeable in their responsibilities and the legislation that is in place for moving and handling as well as their ability to risk assess each manoeuvre before starting it. We also look at how to keep all moving and handling tasks person-centred to ensure that the individual being moved is made to feel safe and respected.

Course Content

  1. Overview of the legislation that governs us
  2. Explore the types of injuries that people can develop as a result of poor moving and handling practices and the statistics attached
  3. How to complete a Risk Assessment
  4. Person-Centred Support
  5. Moving and Handling equipment selection and safety
  6. Understand good manual handling techniques
  7. Look at the steps to follow, when preparing to move a person and ensuring that the move is safe and comfortable for the person.

Practical session
(the practical session will cover more content in greater depth in the full day or 2-day training, the half-day course is an update)

Below is a summary of what will be covered:

  1. Assist to stand
  2. Moving the person forward or back in a chair
  3. Correct use of Slings and Slide sheet work
  4. Bed Work
  5. Assistive equipment
  6. Assisted walking
  7. Lifting a fallen person from the floor
  8. Assisting the person from laying to sitting using the profiling bed.

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