Delirium Awareness

Delirium is common! It affects about 30% of patients admitted to hospital from the community, but it is only detected in about 50% of patients!

Delirium Awareness

About the Course

This course has been created to give health care staff knowledge and understanding of delirium in older individuals. Delirium is a medical emergency. This training will give staff the tools to identify if delirium is a risk or is developing. Delirium will be explained and defined with risk factors and risk indicators being discussed in depth.

Specific delirium screening tools will be explored to ensure that staff understand the process at work around delirium. This course also looks at supporting and managing challenging behaviours that may occur with delirium. This course will give staff the understanding to better recognise and support the symptoms of delirium in an older person.

Course Content

  1. Delirium, what is it?
  2. Facts around delirium
  3. Risk Factors
  4. Recognising delirium
  5. How delirium is diagnosed
  6. Mental health and the older person
  7. Management and treatment for delirium
  8. Prevention of delirium
  9. Recovery
  10. Managing behaviours that challenge.

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