Oral Health

1 in 5 believe fluoride to be a marketing gimmick.

Oral Health

About the Course

Training with Hart’s Oral Care training course is designed for all care staff that are involved in personal care. The training session will raise awareness of the vital importance of daily mouth care. With an overview of mouth anatomy and the possible severity of poor oral health on the teeth and gums and the wellbeing of the body as a whole. This course will give staff the knowledge and tools to be able to positively support individuals who are dependant on staff for their oral health, including dementia, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, dysphagia and end of life oral care, plus an overview of the complex relationship between oral health and mental health. This course will provide staff with the knowledge and ability to plan and deliver daily mouth care in a way which meets the needs of the resident and upholds dignity.

Course Content

  1. Overview of oral health
  2. The mouth anatomy
  3. Look at the impact of oral health and the effect on general health
  4. Impact of oral health on wellbeing and dignity
  5. Impact of poor mouth care and recognise mouth issues and the impact these will have
  6. Supporting oral health for adults with additional care needs including oral health and dementia
  7. Providing mouth care for dependant and medically compromised residents, palliative care and dysphagia
  8. Mouth care and infection control.

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