Person Centred Care

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Person Centred Care

About the Course

This Person-Centred Care (PCC) training explains and explores why personalising your care to each individual is important. We look at the principles of Person-Centred care as well as exploring the 6 C’s of Person-Centred care/approach. This course will look at the legislation that coincides with PCC, The Care Act and an overview of the Social Services and Wellbeing Act Wales. We work with learners to understand how to deliver personalised care in their day-to-day work; with lots of practical activities to engage staff and promote their learning. This training is highly engaging and will help you to develop a highly motivated team of engaging care staff.

Course Content

  1. What is Person centred care?
  2. Principles of Person-Centred Care
  3. 6 C’s of Person-Centred care
  4. The Care Act
  5. Social Services and Wellbeing Act Overview
  6. Individual Values
  7. Shared Decision Making
  8. Choice and consent
  9. Care plans

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