Reflective Practice

Refection is a good way to increase confidence
and become more proactive.

Reflective Practice

About the Course

This reflective practice course is useful for all staff. Working in health care can be stressful, this course gives staff the tools in theory and practice to reflect constructively on their work, both individually and as part of a team. By using reflective practice staff can look back at what went well and why and areas they may change in the future. Reflective practice training will put staff in control of their development as they will be able to reflect on what areas they feel more support may be useful, as well as understanding their strengths and being able to spot the strengths of others. This training has shown to promote positive morale as reflecting correctly as part of a team promotes an open, honest and fair environment.

Course Content

  1. What is Reflective Practice
  2. 3 Reasons Reflective Practice is important
  3. Learning styles and how they apply to the work team
  4. Fast and slow functions of the brain
  5. Fight or Flight Reaction
  6. Types of Reflection
  7. Obstacles to Reflective Practice
  8. Refelctive Practice Models with practical activity

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