ADHD in Adults Awareness

It is estimated that about 1.5 million adults in the UK have ADHD however, ADHD Action has said that only about 120,000 of them receive a formal diagnosis.

ADHD in Adults Awareness

About the Course

Training with Hart’s Adults and ADHD Awareness course will help anyone close to an individual who has ADHD either through work or personally. This course aims to increase understanding of what ADHD is, we will discuss the signs and symptoms that individuals will experience, as well as look at the potential causes of ADHD. This session will explore the stigma and myths that are often associated with ADHD and most importantly we will look at how best to support and encourage adults with ADHD to succeed in the life they choose.

Course Content

  1. The stigma of ADHD and Challenging Myths,
  2. Explore what is ADHD and its subtypes,
  3. Analise the signs and symptoms of ADHD including Hypersensitivity,
  4. Taking a look at ADHD in the brain,
  5. Review how ADHD is diagnosed in adults vs children,
  6. Look at ADHD and co-existing conditions,
  7. Managing, treating and supporting ADHD to include NICE Recommendations, Nutrition and exercise, Medication and;
  8. An overview of Behaviour Therapies and social skill training and their impact and support to adults with ADHD.

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