Medication Awareness

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Medication Awareness

About the Course

This training course is devised for care staff who are responsible for the handling, administering and disposal of medication. This training works to improve staff knowledge of the different types of medication; the routes medication takes into the body; the Rights of administration; and correct documentation including a practical MAR chart exercise.

Staff will explore common medication errors and how to ensure best practice to prevent these from happening. This course is an important link in providing safe; effective handling of medications; covering current regulations and legislation; as well as how administering medication is governed and influenced by safeguarding and its relationship with the MCA (Mental Capacity Act). Staff will leave this training more knowledgeable and confident in their practice.

Course content

  1. What is a Medicine
  2. The Medicines Act
  3. Understand the R's of medication administration
  4. Recognise common medication
  5. Importance of record keeping
  6. Monitoring client’s condition
  7. Administering medication, including supporting self-administration
  8. Storage
  9. Unwanted medications
  10. Controlled drugs

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