Mental Health Awareness

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Understanding Mental Health

About the Course

This training course has been made as an introduction to mental health; it raises awareness of how important our mental health and wellbeing is. It looks at the stigma attached to mental health and challenges it. The course provides an overview of mental health conditions, outlining the symptoms and effects of various conditions. The course examines how we can support our mental health and how we can offer support to others to feel supported and encouraged. This course provides a safe and positive learning environment on what can be a difficult subject for some.

Course Content

  1. What is mental Health
  2. Discrimination and stigma
  3. Mental health in the workplace
  4. Identifying a mental health condition or disorder
  5. Types of Mental health conditions
  6. Supporting individual with their mental health needs
  7. Drugs and alcohol and mental health
  8. Making a referral
  9. Recovery

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