Diabetes Awareness

1 in 15 people in the UK have diabetes, including one million people who have Type 2, but haven't been diagnosed

Diabetes Awareness

About the Course

Training with Hart’s diabetes awareness explores the different types of diabetes and the risk factors attached. With a look at the history and current statistics this course gives a very in-depth learning curve on this condition. This course looks at the common symptoms of diabetes and the possible short- and long-term complications associated with them, plus the impact diabetes can have on life and general wellbeing as well as a view of the treatments of diabetes and how to manage it. By being a part of this training, staff will have an in-depth knowledge of diabetes and be confident and able to help and support anyone with this condition.

Course Content

  1. What is diabetes
  2. Background and statistics
  3. Types of Diabetes
  4. What causes diabetes’s
  5. Common symptoms
  6. Blood sugar and HBA1C
  7. Short and long terms effects of diabetes
  8. Diabetes treatments
  9. Impact of diabetes on day-to-day life
  10. Managing diabetes.

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