Epilepsy Awareness with Buccal Overview

A study by Epilepsy Society showed that around 2% of people in the UK still believe epilepsy is caused by possession of evil spirits.

Epilepsy Awareness

About the Course

This Epilepsy Course has been designed to give staff working in health care an in-depth knowledge of the brain condition. The session will look briefly at the history of epilepsy and challenge the stigma that is still around today. During the session we will examine both generalised seizures and focal/partial seizures and study the lobes of the brain. This course also covers status epilepticus as a medical emergency and SUDEP. As well as looking at common medication used to manage seizures, we also explore other therapies linked with managing the condition. This course is interactive with group discussions, videos and practical activities. This Epilepsy Awareness course can be applied across all health care sectors to raise awareness and understanding.

Course Content

  1. What is Epilepsy – Definition and Facts
  2. Outline of brain function
  3. Types of Seizures
  4. Possible causes and triggers
  5. Mortality and SUDEP
  6. Status Epilepticus
  7. Impact of rescue medication
  8. Buccal Midazolam Overview

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