Conflict Prevention

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About the Course

This conflict prevention course explores what conflict actually is and how we can recognise it early. We look at possible and common causes of behaviour that challenges us and how we can support individuals before an outburst occurs.

With a look at types of communication and how to communicate fully, as well as active listening. Studying our own self-awareness, this course aims to give us the tools to be aware of our own feelings, as well as look in depth at behaviours that challenge us to ensure staff feel confident in their ability to prevent conflict.

Course Content

  1. Conflict Resolution including – Types of conflict and causes of conflict
  2. Consequences and resolving conflict
  3. Challenging behaviours
  4. Conflict cycle and stress model
  5. Understanding communication
  6. Changes in body language indicating challenging behaviour
  7. Communication models
  8. Conflict modes
  9. Fight flight and freeze
  10. Supporting the individual
  11. Personal Safety
  12. Risk assessing
  13. The Law
  14. Staff and self-support.

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